still happy.

two years later and couldn't be happier.  

LP 2014

our yearly lake powell trip did not disappoint. it was great to have mas back to keep us in line and make sure we were getting in all the wake-boarding in that we could. we went for a FULL week,  it was amazing. b was finally free from work and school and in his favorite place in the world.

the best part of lake powell is the closeness it brings....literally. if its piling into the boat, snuggling on the sofa for a movie, squishing in the truck for a ice cream run, i love it. Oh, and all the laughs...!

eat, wake-board, surf, slide,ice cream, movie, eat, sleep repeat. 

we had a couple days of bad weather but the kicker is when the AC went out. we didn't want to waste brands last few days off of work so we decided we were only a few hours away from Georgie so we headed out to continue the party!

thanks mom and dad for taking us to powell, we look forward to it every year!

happy happy happy.

brando is 24!
i'm so grateful for you and all of your hard work.
you make everyone around you so happy and feel so loved.
i'm amazed by you almost every day. you never complain and are always keeping me laughing. 
happiest birthday! here's to another great year!
love you lots!!

ukraine & back.

^^grandma fisher being the best photo bomber ever!

when i started blogging again 2 years ago, it was mostly to keep mason updated while he was gone on his mission. he got home about a month ago and i told B that i didn't need to blog anymore, he said, "so that's the end of the "davis dairy"?". Which got me thinking, this should still be our "diary" of sorts and I shouldcontinue to document our memories to look back on. so here it goes!

we were so excited when we go the news that mason would be coming home 6 weeks early! with all the unrest in country of ukraine we got to see him a little sooner than we thought. of course mom and dad were beyond thrilled. this flight was in 45 minutes early, and for the first time in the fisher family lives we were early too so thankfully we didn't miss him. 

it was so cute to see liv, berkeley, & carter watching the escalators with their posters in hand. even though he was early it was so hard to wait penitently for him to come down. i was excited to finally see his huge grin and newly acquired European fashion come down that escalator. of course mom was in tears before he even made it whole way down.

it was such a special day. 2 years really is a long time. liv gave him a big hug and kiss. we were kind of worried what she would do, but i guess a big cardboard cutout helps a 3 year old in that department. after lots of hugs and greetings it was off to his favorite and i'm sure missed, Costa Vida. 

so happy to have you home mas!!

the big one!

happy birthday to my mom! she turned 50 on saturday!
we took her out to breakfast on friday for pre-celebration. it was delicious.
i love birthdays. it's the best feeling to celebrate the people you love.
we definitely did that for mom! i know she wasn't super excited to for this birthday, but hopefully she still had a little fun anyways.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! thanks for always being my biggest fan. love you lots. 

you & me.

brandon & i did a little valentine's day shoot with brittany cascio of cascio photography
and you know i love britt! we always have so much fun and she just know how to capture us being us. i'm a sucker for pictures and B is a good sport.
valentine's day is always a extra reminder to love a little more. sometimes i get caught up in everyday life and forget the goodbye kisses when i'm in a rush or simple hand hold when we are in the car. it might just me being lazy, sad but i think that it happens to the best of us. i'm a pro valentine's lover. i know it can get quite controversial - people either love it or hate. i love it. i need the special day to help get me back on my love feet and let my loved ones know i'm grateful for them. so its my goal to snuggle my loved ones a little closer & you should too!


here are a few insta's since i'm pretty behind on blogging. i haven't really had the desire to blog and haven't taken many pictures lately either. sorry mas! so i'm trying to do better. but i'm glad i have i can gram a quick pic every now and then!